Plasma-Cloud Switchar

Easy to deploy, manage and monitor

Your switches will effortlessly self-configure allowing you to plug and play and avoid the endless manual tweaking and cumbersome monitoring. Through our cloud, you can finally easily deploy, manage and monitor multiple switches and configure thousands of ports at once. The VLAN configuration has never been this simple and user-friendly! Among all, you will be able to enable voice VLAN traffic prioritization in one click.

Switch UI in the Plasma Cloud console.

Noteworthy protocols

LLDP and SNMP can be activated network-wide to collect information in the background. The data is then cleverly merged with our statistics in order to provide a complete topology overview allowing for easier monitoring and troubleshooting. Obviously, we could not miss STP to ensure network stability in complex setups.

Full control from one deck

Our extremely scalable network management cloud system allows for seamless integration with your already existing Plasma Cloud network. You can now effortlessly manage your entire infrastructure from anywhere using a single interface, and update your network easily, anytime.

Top-notch features

Plasma Cloud switches provide PoE on every single Ethernet port and the larger models are even equipped with SFP or SFP+ slots for higher throughput.

Want to know all the technical details?

Look no further, we have prepared a quick fact sheet for your convenience.